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We are back again this year!

Tech-A-Month 3.0 is a 30-day flagship event of IEEE CUSB incorporating Hackathons, Ted-Talks, Iterative Mentoring sessions on broad domains like Web 3.0, Role of Artificial Intelligence in the coming future, Research papers and patents and a whole lot more.

This grandeur event would see the likes of DSA Maestros Love Babar and Abdul Bari and esteemed experts of diverse fields related to Engineering and Technology. The event is intended to help the students identify the actual skills required to make it big into the industry and bridge the skill-gap that is decaying the actual brand value of an individual.




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Movie Night

Rolled out red carpet and now what ? Just light✨, camera 🎥and action🎬 !
" What's stealing your sleep tonight??🥱it's movie night😮, yes MOVIE NIGHT after a long break‼️ 🥳 yes! you read it right IEEE CUSB is having a movie night. Just don't held back your hands🫣 & book your movie tickets asap🎬, limited Seats Available 💥‼️ HURRY UP⚡⚡

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In our endeavor to bring the best learning opportunities for the students, we the IEEE- CU SB team have collaborated with Reskill to bring an amazing opportunity to announce our students’ creativity at Meta (Formally Facebook).

Reskill X Spark AR brings an initiative aimed at initiating students' journey into the field of Augmented Reality. The initiative focuses on upskilling tech enthusiasts on emerging AR with the help of workshops, Hackathons, internship/ job opportunities for deserving candidates, and building a highly engaged Spark AR community.

We are initiating this series for all the students. For the first installment we are hosting a workshop on August 6-7, 2022; 6 PM- 8:00 PM(both days)

Each participant who submits their effects at the end of the workshop will get:
1. Brand Vouchers
2. Certificate from Meta

Important: If we get 3500 plus submissions ReSkill will organize a hackathon with the students. All participants who submit effects here will get meta certification. Winners of this hackathon will get:
Meta certification +
1st position - OnePlus Buds Pro
RunnerUp - Amazon Alexa Echo Show
2nd RunnerUp - Amazon Alexa 4th Gen

The top 3 will then participate in the national hackathon.
Winner - MacBook Air
RunnerUp - iPhone SE
2nd RunnerUp - OnePlus Nord

Plus opportunity to be the next AR creator on Facebook initiatives


Winners of #tag contest




Anmol Gupta


Abhijeet Singh


Tech a month is a month-long flagship event that consists of series of events in different domains. During the Tech-A-Month series, we conduct both technical and non-technical events that help students to not only brush up their skills but also explore different domains too.

Network is net worth

Events such as these create rooms for networking with other participants and experts in the tech and web industry.


The inspiration you get from these events will challenge you to become more productive which can lay the foundation for growth.

Solution to Problems

During the Q & A session, you will be given the chance to ask questions that you need clarity to regarding your problems or doubts and you will be given the perfect answer to your questions.

Investing in Yourself

Whether you are going for networking purpose, inspiration, to get updates on upcoming trends, meeting with new people, attending this event means you are investing in yourself which will be beneficial for your career.


Check out our upcoming events.

Date: August 2, 2022
Time: 19:00 PM IST
Speaker: Dhruvon Web Development
Domain: Computer Science

Soch rahe ho hena , kese kare WEB DEVELOPMENT ki tayari? Are you also stuck with these type of questions? 🤔 Well, we have got the answer to all your questions!!! IEEE CU SB la raha he The Dhruvon Web Development Workshop. 🥳An opportunity to knock out all the fears and doubts regarding web development you have ever had.😎

Date: August 3, 2022
Time: 19:00 PM IST
Speaker: Harish Uthayakumar and Shreyans Sancheti
Domain: Computer Science

We the IEEE CU SB team brings to you an amazing journey of one of India's fastest-growing leaders Mr. Shreyans Sancheti and Mr. Harish Uthayakumar (Founders of BlueLearn | Forbes 30 Under 30).🙂

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